Birth Story

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I know, I know – a birth story. Cliche, but as this is essentially a blog about motherhood, I figured I may as well.

I have a more detailed entry here, but the basic rundown is this:

For the first 32 weeks or so, my pregnancy was textbook. No complications, nothing to worry about, nothing that I thought was out of the ordinary. Then, WHAM! It felt like every time I went to the OB, there was something else to worry about. First it was my blood pressure. Then it was carpal tunnel. Then it was rapid weight gain that could be indicative of pre-eclampsia (it wasn’t, thankfully, but still…scary). Then it was the potential gigantic Megamind head that Ethan seemed to be developing. Then I was told I had an “unfavorable cervix”, which…what? That’s a thing? And then, last but certainly not least…it was PUPPS. PUPPS is an evil, evil rash that is more or less like a really bad case of hives. By the time I showed up in the office looking like raw hamburger, I was told it would be safest to get the baby delivered as soon as possible. Because of the combination of issues I was having, it was decided that a C-section would be our best option.

I was somewhat disappointed. I originally wanted an all-natural, vaginal birth, and knowing that I wasn’t going to get it made me sad. But I had always made it a point to keep an open mind and accept that, in the end, what mattered most was my own safety and health, and most of all, the safety and health of my child. I was pleasantly surprised to find that, despite the pain and length of recovery, I had a very positive experience with the C-section. I’m really glad that things worked out so well.

Recovery was hard, but I was fortunate to have a lot of help. My mother-in-law was invaluable for that first week, staying up nights when Adam had to work. My mom came over almost every day, offering me some much-needed relief when it turned out that I was allergic to the painkillers I was given (and I am also allergic to aspirin and sensitive to substitutes, so there was pretty much nothing I could do). And, of course, Adam took to fatherhood with incredible ease that even I, with all my confidence in him, could not have predicted.

Overall, the birth experience was a wonderful one, and I wouldn’t change a thing. Okay, well, maybe I’d change the whole “allergic to painkillers” part, because, you know, ouch. But other than that, life is good and I’m figuring it out a little at a time.


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