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Caroline: That’s me! I’m a 25-year-old caffeine addict who can frequently be found starting to write (but never finishing) plays and novels, watching British television, and attempting to knit. I blog because it’s there and think Dora the Explorer needs to go away.

Adam: My husband. He is an actor/drama teacher/mad scientist who has impressively curly hair and an encyclopedic knowledge of pretty much everything. If it can be described as “pop culture”, he’s familiar with it.

Ethan: Our son, born on March 8, 2012. He has a huge crush on Christina Hendricks and loves the theme music to the show “Mad Men”. He also enjoys eating his weight in dill pickles whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Percy: Our dog, who we found by accident and who causes us to go between adoration and exasperation about forty-two times per day.


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