Now that’s what I call “hiatus”!


June 3, 2014 by Caroline Mincks

I’m not going to make a bunch of excuses. I’m just going to breeze right into a post and pretend like I didn’t totally neglect this blog for a very, very long time.

So, what have we been up to?

Adam has been applying for jobs left and right. In fact, he’s out on a second interview right now! We’re really hoping something sticks soon, because we’re anxious for a fresh start and a place of our own.

I’m pretty much the same as ever, enjoying spending lots of time with Ethan and being grateful that the way-too-long winter is finally over. I’m trying to power through some serious allergies, which isn’t easy – I find myself knocked out on the couch way too frequently these days. What can I say? Sneezing is exhausting.

Ethan is a little daredevil, as always, and he’s so much fun. Well, most of the time – he has discovered the tantrum. Thankfully, his are usually short-lived and usually only prompted when he has a legitimate reason to be upset. He’s a fairly reasonable kid for his age! He’s talking more for sure – babbling almost nonstop and throwing real words in there every so often. I’m holding out hope that he’ll catch up by his half-birthday, but if he’s still not talking much, we’ll talk to the doctor. She’s not worried that there’s anything “wrong”, but agreed that a little help can’t hurt!

The best thing – for me, anyway – is that Ethan has become a total mommy’s boy in the past few months! After two years of him being all about his daddy, it’s nice to be getting some extra snuggles! His new favorite thing is to bring me his Boba and ask me to wear him while I’m cooking dinner. My back is pretty sore, but I know he’ll only be this small for a little while, so I figure it’s worth an ache here and there. I think this summer is going to be a lot of fun now that Ethan is a bit bigger – lots of new activities!

All in all, things are looking up and I’m looking forward to things continuing on that trend!


2 thoughts on “Now that’s what I call “hiatus”!

  1. Gibbs says:

    Time to update the blog, Caroline! 🙂

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