Doctor Two


March 15, 2014 by Caroline Mincks

I officially have a two-year-old.

I’m still not quite sure how that happened since only thirty-nine minutes have passed since his birth…right?

It turns out that whole “parenting gives you long days and short years” thing is 100% true.

Like the complete nerds we are, we celebrated Ethan’s second birthday with a Doctor Who-themed party (he loves to watch the show with us, especially if it’s a Martha episode. She appears to be his first love). Even though a lot of our guests had never seen the show or were only passingly familiar with it, the food was a hit and we all had a blast. Some of the food I whipped up in an attempt to be oh-so-creative:


(I do know that these aren’t technically Jammie Dodgers, but I saw them at the store and saw an opportunity to at least come close.)

IMG_7487e IMG_7488e IMG_7489e IMG_7490e IMG_7491e IMG_7493e IMG_7494e IMG_7500e

I was especially proud of the fish and chips.

We also served beans on toast and mini bangers and mash, but I didn’t get a picture of them. Absolutely delicious, though, and even my dad, who was a serious beans on toast skeptic, had to admit that it tasted great.

Decorations were kept simple and we took advantage of the beautiful weather, taking all the kids outside to play for most of the party. It was laidback, fun, and a great chance to catch up with everyone. Ethan didn’t seem to be aware that it was a party for him, but he definitely had a good time. Perhaps too good a time:


Happiest birthday, sweet Ethan. I can’t wait to see what adventures we have this year!

photo (9)


One thought on “Doctor Two

  1. Happy birthday to your little guy. It does go fast.

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