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March 5, 2014 by Caroline Mincks

I have been terrible about this blog! So much for my mini-grand relaunch a few months back.

This is in part because I have been feeling somewhat stagnant lately. We’re slowly but surely getting to a place that will allow us to finally move on to our own home, which is great, but I still tend to feel like a guest here. It’s odd – this is my childhood home and I’m surrounded with family and familiar objects, but it doesn’t truly feel like mine anymore. I guess that’s part of growing up. 

One exciting thing is that I have been directing a show at a local theater! It’s a children’s adaptation of Seussical the Musical…so it’s me vs. 31 kids under the age of 17. And I thought parenting was tough. It’s a lot of work, but it’s so much fun to be doing something theatrical again. We open on March 21, so I can’t wait to see the finished product. The set looks great and the kids are really talented. I had my choice, that’s for sure – at the auditions, all the other crew members kept turning to me saying how they’d hate to have my job because they’d have so much trouble turning any of the kids down. It continually amazes me how much talent we have in and around our relatively small city. 

Ethan continues to be a ridiculously cute kid. Not that I’m biased or anything. He turns two on Saturday and he is full of surprises, energy, and sweetness. He’s still not talking (well, nothing we can understand, anyway…if we can find a translator, we may be in business), so we’ll be speaking with a specialist about that soon to see how we can encourage verbal communication. He definitely knows how to get through to us, it’s just not with words yet. But then, his needs aren’t much – he asks for food, water, and sleep. Occasionally, he brings over some books. Other than that, he rarely actually asks for us to do anything for him. He’s easy to please, that’s for sure. 

He is getting more socially active by the day. He used to get overwhelmed and nervous when we went to new places, and now he settles right in and plays no matter where we go. He used to ignore me half the time, and now he loves to play tag and race with me. He always has lots to tell me and he loves to create little games for us to play. All we need are those words and we’ll be set! Preferably in English! 

He is so active and so agile that I find myself both impressed and terrified by what he can do. He can lift things that I find a bit heavy, he can climb things that he really shouldn’t (in the time it took for me to lean into the kitchen and get my phone off the desk, he climbed to the fourth rung of our bookcase ladder. Let’s just say he hasn’t seen that ladder since), and he takes such joy in just running around, spinning, jumping, throwing and kicking balls, and generally being nonstop. 

Speaking of, he just came running into the room with half of his clothes off, carrying three coasters and dragging one of the living room chairs behind him…I had better go take care of this situation! 


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