All hail the to-do list


October 22, 2013 by Caroline Mincks

I never used to be one for to-do lists. I would jot one down during midterms or while trying not to lose my mind in tech week, but I never saw the need to write one for an average day…until recently. I have been using to-do lists consistently for a few weeks now and I have found that not only have I become far more productive, I have been less stressed and enjoyed more free time.

Writing down daily tasks, rather than letting them all bounce around in my not-terribly-reliable brain, makes all the difference for me. Seeing the list and crossing off items as they are completed keeps me organized more effectively than anything else that I have tried before.

My to-do list for today is as follows:

-Clean bedroom
-Vacuum upstairs
-Pay October bills
-Dust blinds
-Clean upstairs bathrooms
-Bake sandwich bread
-Bathe Percy
-Make shopping list
-Plan meals
-Sweep kitchen and living room
-Clean oven

It might look like a lot, but having everything written down makes it so much easier. I can see what needs to happen first, get those things started, and plow through the rest of the list more efficiently. For example, when I woke up, I started the oven on its cleaning cycle (may blessings rain upon he who invented the self-cleaning oven) and tossed a load of laundry into the washing machine. Those two things can take care of themselves while I make the shopping list, pay bills, and plan meals – all things I can do while eating breakfast. After that, it’s just a matter of getting the rest done whenever I can.

There is so much less pressure on me when making a list. Anyone who is struggling to get through the day or feeling overwhelmed by the amount of housework they need to take care of, I highly recommend taking a few minutes at the top of the day to make a list!


One thought on “All hail the to-do list

  1. Oh thanks! I just remembered that I also have to pay October bills today.

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