Sleep makeover

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October 8, 2013 by Caroline Mincks

You know all those rules about how to get a better night’s sleep? Don’t eat late at night, drink no alcohol, never take your computer or phone to bed with you, always follow the same routine, all that stuff?

Yeah, I break everyone of those on the regular.

I am a night owl. That’s not really a convenient thing for a parent to be. I regularly stay up past midnight, have a late-night snack, drink a nightly glass of wine (okay, fine, sometimes it’s two. We have a wine store within walking distance and their recommendations have been ridiculously tasty, so I’ve been indulging more often than usual lately), and I frequently fall asleep to the glaring colors of Candy Crush. No wonder I’m tired during the day.

For the next week, I will be trying to reform my sleeping habits in hopes of feeling and looking better and having more productive days. I will be following the following rules:

-The nightly glass or two of wine will become a three-times-a-week single serving. No second helpings, no more than one four- or five-ounce serving. No matter how delicious. Even if it’s that really, really good Malbec I had last week…wait, can I scratch this rule? No? Damn.

-No more electronics in bed. When I go to bed, I can take a book, but nothing with a screen.

-Be in bed by 10:00. Even if it takes a while to actually fall asleep, I want to be resting by then.

-No more late-night eating. If I’m starving, a little toast and tea is acceptable, but no comfort snacking before bed.

-Attempt to have a routine. I don’t necessarily think an adult needs to follow a super-strict schedule like we would give a child, but doing things in at least vaguely the same order at roughly the same time will probably help.

So we’ll see how this goes. Hopefully it will mean that I will get more done during the day, be able to rise earlier, and not feel the need to take a nap along with Ethan!


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